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"This show hits every. Single. Note. The camera angles, the trilons, the theme music. It's completely on point."

"... one of the best revivals of a game show I've ever seen, one of the best game shows of the year, and one of the best new game shows of the past five years. Do not miss Pyramid."


"The Pyramid is back! The Emmy Award-winning pop-culture phenomenon is re-imagined and better than ever!"

TV Weekly Now

"This lighthearted competition offers tons of fun-filled suspense..."- "... fans of the classic show will find themselves loving the game the same way they did years ago. But it's likely that this rendition will recruit a new generation of appreciative viewers."

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The new incarnation of the classic game show, in which a celebrity and an average citizen team up against another celebrity and another average citizen to play a word-association game.